10 Great Reasons to Like Going to School

Here are some cheerful thoughts for our wonderful Liberty students.

It’s great to have weekends and vacations. We all need them! But what would you REALLY do if you didn’t go to school most days? Let’s face it, most students get a little bored just hanging around home. When was the last time you were at home and told your parents “there’s nothing to do”?

Title I Plan and Parent Compact

Now that you know what Title I is and what it is meant to do, we’d like you to take a look at our Title I Plan and Parent Compact. This plan is intended to further the 2-way communication between the classroom and the home that helps students succeed. Please access the Title I brochure linked here and use it for helpful tips as well as a space to write out parent and student goals.

Download English/Spanish Brochure

What exactly is Title I?

Title I provides federal funds to help economically disadvantaged students meet at least the minimum state academic standards and proficiency on state assessments.

‘Tis the Season for Attendance Issues

This is the time of year when two seasons converge: the holiday season and cold and flu season! So there are two considerations regarding attendance that need to be mentioned. One is our request that when students are ill, they stay home. While we always want our students to be at school, we also want to minimize the spread of viruses across campus. An ill student can infect many classmates and teachers. Some schools across the country have already had to close their doors to try to contain the spread of the flu. And you may have heard that the 2014 flu shot has limited effectiveness because of the particular viruses this year. Absences due to illness are unavoidable. That’s one reason that regular attendance when you’re not sick is so important.

Keep Learning Alive During Holiday Break

Beginning December 22nd and joyfully extending through January 4th, we will be away from school appreciating family, friends and traditions. Time for splendid holiday fun and ringing in the New Year!

Helping Kids Serve Others

Although we should all be compassionate, caring and community minded throughout the entire year, the approaching season seems to bring the impulse front and center. An abundance of volunteer and donation opportunities present themselves and, filled with the holiday spirit, we tend to finish the year with philanthropic gestures and goodwill for those less fortunate.

Conference Time is Here!

Parent/teacher conferences can feel challenging. Frantic work schedules and overwhelming family commitments can make it difficult to schedule a conference, much less get to it on time! In addition, some parents revert to their “inner child,” feeling intimidated about sitting down with the teacher, especially if they are sitting in little chairs! Here are some tips for having an effective and anxiety-free conference with your child’s teacher.

Parent Involvement is Key to Success

It used to be that kids went to school, dads worked and moms stayed at home. Once in a while, mom might bake cupcakes for a school party, but she probably didn’t attend it. Parents didn’t decorate doors and bulletin boards, serve on committees or volunteer in the classroom. MAYBE they helped with homework; but even that used to be way less common. Homework was the child’s responsibility.