Liberty Traditional Charter School is a place for family. We encourage and invite all parents to play an active role in their child’s education, and to have fun while they do it! We welcome friendly parent volunteers in classrooms, monitoring lunches, etc. Make new friends and learn something new while supporting your child’s school!

It is our hope that parents will volunteer a minimum of 10 hours of service per year.

We view the success of our school as a cohesive partnership between home and school. Parental involvement is key. We hope that parents who find themselves unable to volunteer due to scheduling conflicts will develop other innovative ways to spend time with the school.

Character and Values Classes

Parents may be asked to attend values classes if their child exhausts the discipline system. Character and values classes are offered throughout the school year for all parents, staff, and anyone wanting to learn more about our philosophy and goals at Liberty Traditional Charter School.


All parents are urged to become members of the school P.I.T. and to actively participate. Each year the P.I.T. sponsors fundraising activities and, with your help, these projects can be very successful. The money raised helps to fund many important activities at the school. We will notify parents in advance of meeting dates and times.


Parents, if you are interested in volunteering, please complete the following form.