Core Reading Curriculum

  • Journeys, Houghton-Mifflin (grades K-3)
  • Treasury of Literature, Harcourt Brace (grades 4-6)
  • Elements of Literature, Rinehart (middle school)
  • Triumphs Learning (grades K-8) aligned to Common Core

Core Math Curriculum

  • Math Connects, McGraw-Hill (grades K-5)
  • Math, Harcourt Brace (grade 6)
  • Pre-Algebra, Prentice Hall (middle school)
  • Algebra, Prentice Hall (adv. math)
  • Triumphs Learning (grades K-8) aligned to Common Core

Core Science Curriculum

  • Science (AZ aligned), Harcourt (grades K-6)
  • Exploring Earth Science, Prentice Hall (middle school)
  • Life Science, Prentice Hall (middle school)
  • FOSS science kits

Core Social Studies Curriculum

  • Studies Weekly, American Legacy Publishing (grades K-6)
  • Social Studies AZ Connection, Harcourt (grade 3)
  • AZ History, Splash Publishing (grade 4)
  • Adventures in Time and Space, McGraw (grade 5)
  • The World, Scotts Foresman (grade 6)
  • American Journey, Glencoe (middle school)
  • Read Like A Historian, Stanford History Education (grades 7-8)

Intervention/Supplemental Programs

  • Fundations, Wilson Language Basics (grades K-2)
  • Spalding Writing Road to Reading (upper grades)
  • Novel Studies (grades 4-8)
  • Phonics for Reading, Curriculum Assoc.
  • 6 Minute Solution: Reading Fluency Program (intermediate level)
  • REWARDS, Sopris (intermediate level)
  • Mulitilevel-Coach, Support Coach, Intervention, Triumphs (grades K-8) aligned to Common Core
  • Brainpop, online multi-subject website
  •, online math/language website