Core Reading Curriculum

  • Journeys, Houghton-Mifflin (grades K-3)
  • Treasury of Literature, Harcourt Brace (grades 4-6)
  • Elements of Literature, Rinehart (middle school)
  • Triumphs Learning (grades K-8) aligned to Common Core

Core Math Curriculum

  • Math Connects, McGraw-Hill (grades K-5)
  • Math, Harcourt Brace (grade 6)
  • Pre-Algebra, Prentice Hall (middle school)
  • Algebra, Prentice Hall (adv. math)
  • Triumphs Learning (grades K-8) aligned to Common Core

Core Science Curriculum

  • Science (AZ aligned), Harcourt (grades K-6)
  • Exploring Earth Science, Prentice Hall (middle school)
  • Life Science, Prentice Hall (middle school)
  • FOSS science kits

Core Social Studies Curriculum

  • Studies Weekly, American Legacy Publishing (grades K-6)
  • Social Studies AZ Connection, Harcourt (grade 3)
  • AZ History, Splash Publishing (grade 4)
  • Adventures in Time and Space, McGraw (grade 5)
  • The World, Scotts Foresman (grade 6)
  • American Journey, Glencoe (middle school)
  • Read Like A Historian, Stanford History Education (grades 7-8)

Intervention/Supplemental Programs

  • Fundations, Wilson Language Basics (grades K-2)
  • Spalding Writing Road to Reading (upper grades)
  • Novel Studies (grades 4-8)
  • Phonics for Reading, Curriculum Assoc.
  • 6 Minute Solution: Reading Fluency Program (intermediate level)
  • REWARDS, Sopris (intermediate level)
  • Mulitilevel-Coach, Support Coach, Intervention, Triumphs (grades K-8) aligned to Common Core
  • Brainpop, online multi-subject website
  •, online math/language website

Beyond Textbooks

At Liberty, we utilize an instructional program called Beyond Textbooks to guide our curriculum. Beyond Textbooks “refers to a philosophy of teaching and learning that transcends textbooks and state standards to strengthen support for communities of teachers, facilitate teaching and learning, and improve student growth and achievement.”

Visit Beyond Textbooks Website