Jeremy D. Parker

Principal/After-School Director

Jeremy D. Parker

Jeremy Parker brings a strong academic background in youth and family studies and counseling to Liberty. He has years of professional experience teaching and guiding Arizona charter school students, both as a 4th grade teacher and an elementary school vice principal.

Before teaching at Tucson’s rapidly growing La Paloma Academy, and serving as vice principal at Glendale’s Heritage Elementary, Parker spent time teaching English in Romania. He holds a Bachelor of Science in youth and family studies, and a master’s degree emphasizing youth and family counseling and theology.

“I believe that every child has the ability to do great things and be a person of great character,” says Parker. “My desire is for students to ‘know’ through academic study in the classroom, ‘be’ through the application of quality character, and ‘do’ through applying what has been learned to one’s life journey.”

Vice Principal