Vaping: A Dangerous Trend for Kids

There’s a new health issue for parents to be aware of. Across the country, middle schools and high schools have seen an increase in disciplinary referrals due to e-cigarettes, or vaping.

National Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month, and 2018’s theme honors women who fight all forms of discrimination against women. Women’s History Month first began as a single day, which later led to a week, and now we dedicate the whole month of March to honoring women’s achievements in history. Check out the timeline throughout the years that guided the way for Women’s History Month:

Black History Month

February is full of holidays with Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day. The whole month of February is also a time to celebrate and remember the great accomplishments and impact of notable African American figures in history. Learn more about the people and events that led to February becoming Black History Month.

Family Literacy Night World Tour

Parents, guardians, students and siblings are invited to Family Literacy Night’s World Tour. Every traveler receives a passport that will be stamped after a visit to each country, so don’t miss the trip!

School Safety

In light of the recent tragic school shooting in Florida, we want to let parents know the precautions we have implemented at Liberty Traditional’s Saddleback campus to ensure the safety of every student.

Important Info for 8th Grade Students and Parents

Making the transition from 8th grade to high school can be stressful for students. Parents and students are invited to attend an informational evening that will help prepare 8th grade students for life after Liberty.

Enroll Your Child in Full-Day Kindergarten

At Liberty Traditional School, we believe that high-quality early childhood education is essential for a strong academic foundation. We are a tuition-free charter school offering strong academics, sports programs, and extracurricular activities that will get your child excited about school.

Celebrating Presidents’ Day – A National Tradition

Many kids spend the third Monday of February sleeping in late and enjoying a day off from school. With an extended weekend in the future, it’s a perfect time to explain to your children the full history about Presidents’ Day. We can help you get started:

Creating a Grammar Wall With Your Children

When it comes to learning the details of language, math or science, there is no reason why your children should look at this as a chore. Creating a grammar wall at home is an opportunity to make learning more like a favorite game. Here are some artistic and exciting ways to get started.

How to Write a Letter to Your Future Adult Child

Kids grow up fast and parents often get too caught up in daily activities to think about their child’s future. Writing down all your experiences, hopes, and lessons for your future adult child will help give them a better understanding of how you were at that age and what they should expect in the coming years. Your child is young now, but what do you want to tell them when they become an adult?

Don’t Miss Our 100th Day of School

Don’t miss school January 19, when we celebrate the 100th day of school. We’ll have a talent show, parade, and photograph of students planned for the big day, so let’s have perfect attendance January 19!

Perfect Attendance Earns a Party

We’re throwing a party each time a class reaches 10 days of perfect attendance. When a class has a day with 100% attendance, they put up one letter of the word Attendance. When they spell out the whole word, they’ll get a popcorn, Popsicle, or pizza party. Let’s see how many perfect attendance parties we can have in 2018!