Helping Kids Serve Others

Although we should all be compassionate, caring and community minded throughout the entire year, the approaching season seems to bring the impulse front and center. An abundance of volunteer and donation opportunities present themselves and, filled with the holiday spirit, we tend to finish the year with philanthropic gestures and goodwill for those less fortunate.

Medication Update

There has been a medication update that all families and students need to be aware of!

According to the AZ Department of Education Health and Nutrition Services, all students that have prescription medications at school now must have a written doctor’s order in addition to the medication authorization form, and the medication must be in its original container with the prescription label.

For students who currently have medication at school, this must be completed by December 1, or we will no longer be able to give that medication.

If there are any questions please contact Brenda Gundelsberger, Health Services District Coordinator, at 520-721-4205.

Conference Time is Here!

Parent/teacher conferences can feel challenging. Frantic work schedules and overwhelming family commitments can make it difficult to schedule a conference, much less get to it on time! In addition, some parents revert to their “inner child,” feeling intimidated about sitting down with the teacher, especially if they are sitting in little chairs! Here are some tips for having an effective and anxiety-free conference with your child’s teacher.

Giving our teachers a pat on the back

If you ask your child what makes him or her successful at our school, he or she will probably tell you about our excellent teachers. What students take away from a successful education usually centers around a strong connection with teachers who inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Teach and Enrich: Our plan to utilize Beyond Textbooks

This year, Liberty is proud to begin using Beyond Textbooks. As Common Core standards are further implemented across the state, we are rising to meet the challenge. We want to help our students succeed by introducing this innovative program.

Back-to-School Time is Here!

Parents, buckle up, it is time to get ready for school! School resumes at Liberty Traditional on Tuesday, August 5th, so it is time to start getting geared up for your children to resume their educations.

The Liberty Advantage

We are always looking for ways in which to improve academic achievement, especially in the areas of reading and mathematics. According to recent research, programs that were designed to enhance social and emotional support among children also improved academic performance.

Children’s and Teen’s Summer Reading Program

Children’s Summer Reading Program
Douglas Public Library
June 3rd to July 18th
For ages 0 to 12 years old
Registration Forms available at the Douglas Public Library
For more information contact Veronica Juarez- Carrillo @ 417-7355